Welcome to the Office of Renee A. Walker

Renee A. Walker, D.O., FAOCO provides both medical and surgical management of disorders of the ears, nose and throat.  We perform a full range of ENT procedures on both children and adults including:

  • The latest  techniques in Balloon Sinuplasty surgery
  • Surgery for chronic ear and throat infections
  • Cleft lip and palate repair
  • In office CT imaging

An ever-growing buzz has developed regarding Balloon Sinuplasty™ technology, the impact it has had on the way ENT physicians treat patients, and the positive outcomes it has had on patient's lives. Ultimately, the technology may allow for significant symptom relief for patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis.

Our practice is committed to delivering comprehensive, patient-centered evaluation and treatment for all ENT problems. Tots, teens, and adults alike will be examined with the utmost attention to detail and treated with compassion and concern.

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Its back to school time again!

Make sure your child can hear and process all those important lessons he/she will be learning this year. If your child struggles with reading and spelling, has trouble hearing in background noise, or is distractible, there may be processing issues present. Our audiologist, Dr. Suzanne Long, provides comprehensive Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) testing for children 7-years-old and older. Call today for more information or to schedule a CAPD evaluation.

Dr. Suzanne Long, our clinical audiologist, is here for all your hearing healthcare needs from diagnostic testing to hearing aids to hearing conservation.  As always, we have the most current audio equipment for hearing testing as well as Real-Ear testing for hearing aid fittings.  Remember, if your hearing healthcare provider isn’t doing Real-Ear measures, you may not be getting the most benefit from your hearing aids.  Dr. Long is able to service most hearing aid brands including Siemens, Unitron, Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, MicroTech, Starkey, and Widex as well as a few smaller manufacturers.  Call for more information.

The Xoran miniCAT CT scanner is back, a new model and better than ever.  The Volumized CT scanner will provide point-of service CT scans of sinuses, temporal bones and jaw bones in less than 60 seconds and at 1/10.  Children and adults alike will love the comfortable upright seating and efficiency of the scanner.  And, since it will be right here in the office,   I will be able to review your images with you with in seconds after the scan is completed. 

The latest and greatest in sinus surgeries our done in the office with very little down time thanks to Ballon Sinuplasty. please call our office for details.

Our office family looks forward to serving your Ear, Nose and Throat needs.

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